Zwart – Heem [CD]


New Dutch Dark metal project.

Members of ZWART have history in acts such as:
Abysmal Darkening, Gigatron2000, IBEX ANGEL ORDER, BUNKUR, SauroN, Funeral Goat and more.

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ZWART (Dutch for BLACK) emerged in 2019 as the musical and spiritual expression of its members.

Using elements of black, doom and melancholic, atmospheric metal, they paint a bleak picture of the world around them. ZWART`s music comes from deep within the soul of its creators, spinning
personal beliefs and emotions into dark art.

Singular in aesthetic and vision, ZWART have forged a sound that is distinctly their own, weaving heavy riffs, swirling blasts and deep melodies into a sonic tapestry. This clear vision is present in the
whole of ZWART’s art, from the a-typical logo to the, mainly, Dutch lyrics, the pictures in their artwork and the way the band presents itself.

ZWART is part of the Tilburg collective called ‘Kwaadeind’, a group of cooperating bands and artists that share a certain vision about art, darkness and their place in life. Members of ZWART are also
active in other ‘Kwaadeind’ projects and was formerly active as Abysmal Darkening (Total Rust Music / Forneus Records).

HEEM is an old Dutch word for Home. HEEM is your spiritual home. The land that holds your roots.

The debut album of ZWART is a musical reflection of HEEM.
Both music and lyrics express a longing for ancestral times, a yearning for a reconnection to the roots of the land and reverence for the wisdom of those who went before us.

“Almost all lyrics are in Dutch, as the expression of the native tongue is best suited for this ode to our region. These are hymns to the burial mounds of our ancestors, sacred places of the gods of old. These are songs to the barren heather and moving sands around us, to the lush forests and fields that are our home. As we believe the dead to remain a part of our HEEM, we also pay tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters, lost loved ones and family members that have departed. This twining of regional history, ancestor worship, reverence for the nature that surrounds us and the placing of our dead therein, makes the concept of HEEM deeply personal, spiritual and powerful.”

HEEM holds six songs, guided by artwork that shows places that hold a special meaning to the members of ZWART. Places of ritual, spiritual or personal significance.

ZWART are:
K. Zwart : Lead Guitar, Vocals
F. Zwart : Bass
S. Zwart : Guitar, Keys
L. Zwart : Drums, Production


to be released 12th of May.


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