THE COLOR OF RAIN is a Post black metal project from the Netherlands.
Part of Zwotte Kring

For fans of: Harakiri For The Sky, Deathspell Omega, Cynic, At The Gates, Revocation

‘OCEANS ABOVE’: is an eclectic soundscape of Post Black Metal mixed with Progressive and- Technical Death Metal. A modern and exciting new approach to extreme music, with a thick and dark mix drawing the listener deep into the abyss. Melancholic acoustic passages and epic soaring melodies are followed up by a barrage of heavy, unsettling and dissonant darkness, swirling riffs, heavy blasts and extreme, almost schizophrenic vocals that will fully entice the listener.

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Chaos Altar is a French one-man black metal act.

Let yourself be invaded by the atmosphere of death, destruction, and nothingness.
Welcome to our chaos!


OMINØS is a black metal duo from the Netherlands.

Entering ancient gateways to lands of death, where happiness is sucked out of souls, safety is distorted into agony and dreams are crushed into nightmares.


TEITAN is a Psychotic black metal one-man project from the Netherlands.
Part of Zwotte Kring

For fans of: DHG, Deathspell Omega, Hail Spirit Noir, Mayhem and Enslaved 

‘In Oculus Abyss’: Nine pieces about existentialist philosophy translated to experimental black metal. 


Motherwood is a Atmospheric black metal duo from Germany.

50 minutes of atmospheric black metal with some depressive aspects.

Black Pro tape with white pad print in a O-card.


GRAUGEIST is a black metal band from Saarland ( Germany ) formed in 2019 under the Name MIRAI.

The only member is Sarghas which also plays in IMMORIOR, NÝR GATA and STARDUST.

The sound of GRAUGEIST is Black Metal combined with strong melodies and also a touch of Death Metal.


“IN HARMONIE MET DE DOOD” The debut attack of Dutch black metal duo GRAFHOND will be released on Mar. 30, 2023
Digital //

LP comes in 3 versions: Black, Trans/Black & Trans-Orange/Black.

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