Kybalion – A Crippled Power
Release date: June 27, 2024
Genre: Black metal
Formats: MC / DIGITAL
FFO: Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Odraza, Craft & Shining

“A CrippledPower” is the first EP from black metal italian act Kybalion; the 5 tracksconvey the band’s philosophical, unsettling and weird imagery and lyrics throughcold riffs and fast-paced songs.”

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Grimtone is back!

A sonic voyage through cosmic voids and inner landscapes. Each track is a celestial exploration, inviting listeners to delve into the mysteries of existence. Prepare for a symphony of darkness and enlightenment, where boundaries blur and the infinite beckons.

Ad Infinitum et Ultra will be released end of may.



Zwotte Kring is a Dutch Black Metal cricle that includes Asgrauw, Meslamtaea, Schavot, Grafhond, Teitan, The Color of Rain & Stuporous.

All above bands joined forces in this design, available in shirt, longsleeve, crew neck, hoodie and zipper hoodie.

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Voha Croation black metal one man project.

The young Croatian artist behind the black metal band Voha has made clear that in the making of Voha‘s new album Majestic Nightsky Symphonies, he drew inspiration from Dimmu Borgir as an important influence, but also was driven by inspiration from the likes of EmperorOdiumNokturnal MortumObtained EnslavementSacramentumOld Man’s ChildVinterland, and Gehenna.

Creating symphonic black metal was the main goal, but Voha also used the album to express his love of fantasy tales, and so arranged it as a story of a Dark Lord and the Sorcerer who “helps him to regain the power of evil to forge new atrocity”.


Duindwaler is a Dutch one-man black metal act.

The album’s production is a sonic descent into the abyss, with a raw and unpolished sound that
captures the primal energy of the music. The guitar tones cut through the mix like icy winds, while
the drums reverberate like thunder, creating an immersive auditory experience that transports the
listener to desolate, other worldly landscapes.


OFFRET is back! After the 2020 release we did, here is its succeser.
“З​а​т​м​е​н​и​е” The new EP of one-man black metal act OFFRET will be released on Feb. 21, 2024
Digital //

LP comes in 2 versions: Galaxy (White/Purple) & Splatter (Trans/Green/Black).

Meditative, out-of-the-box, post-black metal with dark synths and acoustic soundscapes. FFO: Amenra, Cold Fell, Ungfell, Wiegedood


STUPOROUS is a Blackened Doom metal project from the Netherlands.
Part of Zwotte Kring

For fans of:  Sear Bliss, My Dying Bride, Mournful Congregation & Orphanag

‘Asylum’s Lament’: Shrill eerie tones shiver above a heavy stalking cadence. The music powerfully jolts the spine but also submerges the senses in ethereal audio mists. An elegant piano melody ripples through hammering beats and majestic ambient clouds… but, with a prelude furnished by dismal spoken words, the music erupts in a typhoon of blasting drums, rapidly pulsating bass, deranged riffing, and berserk yells and shrieks.

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