Tyhjä – Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta


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Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta by Tyhjä

Tyhjä – Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta is an album by the Finnish black metal band Tyhjä.

Released on December 28, 2019, it embodies the raw essence of black metal: coldness, emptiness, hatred, and misanthropy. The band’s name itself translates to “empty.”

The album features 34 minutes of furious black metal across 8 tracks. Notably, the crisp sound production of the drums stands out, contrasting with the raw, furious guitars.

Tracks like “Raivo” and “Halkaisja” blast with grim, bestial vocals, while “Äänetön kevät” introduces a slightly more melodic sound.

Overall, Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta is a die-hard, mysanthropic journey into the depths of underground black metal.


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