Eternal Abyss – Doomed To Eternal Abyss [CD]


40 minutes of intense raw black metal hailing from Paraguay, every track drags to you to the depths of the abyss, pure hymns of hate, void, sadness and total war against humanity!

Limited CD edition 300 cd’s first 66 get a lyric sheet numbered in blood.
In coöperation with War productions and Desecration of Souls.

Pure Dark 90’s Black Metal against humanity!
FFO: MütiilationBurzum & Judas Iscariot

Recorded at Into The Abyss Records
Artwork by JDW – Death my only friend
Photos by W. Cañete
Logo by B. Höller.

All Guitars and Bass by Aña
Drums by Hannes
Vocals by H. Torment
All lyrics and music by Aña.

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Doomed to Eternal Abyss by Eternal Abyss is a captivating journey into the depths of black metal. Released in September 2019, this album immerses listeners in a haunting sonic landscape, where darkness and melancholy intertwine.


Ancestral Forests (5:48): The album opens with a brooding atmosphere, evoking ancient woods and forgotten rituals.

Into Eternal Void (3:19): A relentless descent into the abyss, fueled by thunderous drums and piercing guitar riffs.

Waiting for the End (10:36): A sprawling epic that captures the sense of impending doom, with haunting vocals echoing through desolate caverns.

Eternal Abyss (6:23): The title track envelops the listener in a shroud of despair, where abyssal depths seem endless.

Old Times Of Blasphemies (4:54): A nostalgic reflection on sacrilege and rebellion, set against a backdrop of distorted chords.

Endless Agony (5:42): The pain of existence echoes in every note, as if the very fabric of reality is unraveling.

Night Of Blood And Death (4:10): The album concludes with a crescendo of malevolence, leaving us suspended in the void.

Featured Performers:

Aña: Guitar, bass, lyrics, and music
Hannes: Drums
H. Torment: Vocals

The album cover, adorned with intricate artwork by JDW, captures the essence of eternal suffering. The photography by W. Cañete adds to the mystique, while the logo design by B. Höller hints at the abyssal forces at play.

Doomed to Eternal Abyss invites listeners to explore the shadows, confront their inner demons, and embrace the abyss that lies within. A must-listen for fans of raw, atmospheric black metal.


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