Tyhjä – S/T EP + logo patch


VWP 001
TYHJÄ s/t Debut Ep album in Digipack PRO CD format limited to 300 copies.
Crust influenced Finnish Black Metal.

– 4 Panel Digipack
– Matte Laminate finishing 260gsm artcard
– FREE Woven Patch for 100 copies


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Tyhjä by Tyhjä

Tyhjä is a black metal and crust EP released in 2018. It features four tracks:

Nahkansanylkijä (4:05)
Kylmä Valkea Syli (4:33)
Sortuva Torni (5:24)
Kuolema (4:27)
The EP was recorded using a 2-inch 24-track reel-to-reel tape recorder and mixed onto 1/4-inch stereo tape. The recording, mixing, and mastering were done by A. Kippo at Astia-studio. The cover photo was taken by Narikka Photography.

Additional details about the EP:

Format: 4-panel digipack CD
Limited Edition: 300 copies
Includes a free woven patch (limited to 100 copies)


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