Asgrauw – Gronspech [LP]


Influenced by the great 90’s Scandinavian hordes, Asgrauw has recorded their third full length, ‘Gronspech’. The oil painted cover (that does remind of the great Ulver-trilogy) shows what Gronspech is about: it can be seen as a concept-album – performed in both Dutch and local Groesbeek dialect – about ancient regional myths. A direction that Asgrauw’s drummer Batr has already embarked on with his old bands Sagenland and Meslamtaea. Asgrauw employs two vocalists in their recordings, which gives a lot of variety in vocal styles. The diverse interplay between Vaal’s cold shrieks and Kaos’ angry barks are alternated with mesmerizing spoken words, which are very much emphasized on Gronspech. Asgrauw relies on a dark and bleak atmosphere with piercing guitars and hounting synths, that are strengthened with powerfull and energetic riffs and heavy drums. Although Asgrauw has that typical 90’s melancholic black metal vibe, this band is unafraid of breaking the boundaries. Gronspech shows a more peculiar and adventurous side of this band, taking it to a another direction. The album portrays the dark aspects of nature, while hateful punk-influences are not avoided. Also slow-paced tunes are present, although it never takes long before hell breaks loose again!

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Gronspech is the third full-length album by Asgrauw, a black metal band hailing from the mythological border regions of Gelderland, Netherlands. Influenced by the great 90s Scandinavian hordes, this concept album is performed in both Dutch and the local Groesbeek dialect.

It delves into ancient regional myths, combining fierce aggression from two vocalists with a transcendental atmosphere created by subtle synths.

The album’s dark and bleak atmosphere features piercing guitars, haunting synths, powerful riffs, and heavy drums. Asgrauw fearlessly breaks boundaries, incorporating punk influences and slow-paced tunes alongside their melancholic black metal vibe.

The oil-painted cover, reminiscent of the great Ulver trilogy, visually captures the essence of Gronspech.


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