Moloch ‎– Verwüstung [CD]


Music written and recorded between dismal Winter 2012 – 2013. Lyrics were written between 2002 – 2006. Vocals, Bass, Distorted Bass, Keyboards and Rhythm Guitar recorded by Sergiy Fjordsson at S.o.h.D. studio (Ukraine) during foreverdark Autumn/Winter 2013. Rhythm and Lead Guitars recorded by Azathoth at Fields of Tears Studio (Poland) during Winter 2012. Drums recorded by Gionata Potenti at BeastCave Studio (Italy) during Cold Autumn 2013. Tracks 2-7 Mixed and Mastered by Alex Menabde at Alex Menabde studio (Georgia) in December 2013. Tracks 1 & 8 Recorded and Mastered by Sergiy Fjordsson at S.o.h.D. studio (Ukraine) in December 2013.

Booklet painting by Odilon Redon (Bertrand-Jean Redon (1840-1916).

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