Ater Era ‎– Beneath Inanimate Grime [CD]


Seven tracks that shall embark you onto a voyage of isolation, depression and dark sensual experiences… A journey where one’s profane imagination takes over. ATER ERA deliver a distinctive black metal album, highly influenced by twisted psychedelic aesthetics. This music is laced with high tension and strange atmospheres… it spans deep visions, as well as a self realization of emptiness and despair that surround our horrid modern day society. A tenebrous aura that envelops the listener in its horrifying darkness. This is the manifestation of a new age!
“Beneath Inanimate Grime” largely continues on the primal and atmospheric black metal path ATER ERA had previously trodden with their debut album, but it is definitely a bleaker, more dynamic, and even more extreme work: dissonant noises in each song that evoke the profound sense of loneliness and isolation, rich in intensive drumming, tightly followed by the combination of atmospheric bass lines, alongside a series of thundering riffing, and gritty yet vulnerable vocals.
ATER ERA are poised to set the new standard for European Black Metal and have produced a critical album, ready to stand the test of ages… “Beneath Inanimate Grime”!
Comes in a lush 3-panel-digipack format incl. 12-pages booklet, brilliant artwork, and an amazing production, lim. to 1000 copies!!!!

1. Death of the Bell Ringer
2. Drifts of Dead Ground
3. My Beast My Age
4. Drowning in the Depths
5. To Shatter Limbs
6. Sors Est Quid Sumus
7. Tormented in Limbo

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