Asgrauw / Meslamtaea ‎– Utopia [EP]

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Now available is the 7-inch ‘Utopia’ split by two Dutch black metal bands, that share a nostalgia for ninetees black metal.

Asgrauw is a three headed Cerberus, that recently released their 2th full lenght ‘Krater’ . Musically, the 7-inch takes Asgrauw even futher down the 90’s Scandinavian black metal territory, ending up whit fast and cold black metal whit epic riffing, blasting drums and agressice vocals. Whit the People’s Temple suicides as inspiration, lyrically Asgrauw devaites from what they have done before.

Ten Years (!) after his last release, the multi-instrumentalist of Meslamtaea at last rebooted his recorder for some new sounds. The track ‘Neutronenstorm’, that is about the nuclear apocalypse that is yet to come, leaves you whit buzzing ears, burning eyes and a taste of uranium on your tongue. The track is a multistage cascading piece, starting-of slowly whit bass-guitars ans e-bow, but soon exploding in a melodic subsonic detonation!

12 minutes of ninetees black metal worship, released by the Dutch underground black metal label Zwaertgevegt. Limited by 250 pieces, the first 100 come whit a Jonestown coaster. So be fast. +You won’t go wrong whit this -inch sized black gold!

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