Nostalgic about nineties black metal, the Dutch horde Asgrauw channels agressive yet atmospheric sounds in their music. Asgrauw a three headed Cerberus, was raised under a cold december moon in 2010 and they produced a demo and two full lenght albums ever since. that recently released their 2th full lenght ‘Krater’ . Musically, the 7-inch takes Asgrauw even futher down the 90’s Scandinavian black metal territory, ending up whit fast and cold black metal whit epic riffing, blasting drums and agressice vocals. Whit the People’s Temple suicides as inspiration, lyrically Asgrauw devaites from what they have done before. Traditional sounds of Darkthrone, Emperor and Ulver are subtly merged with an agressive punk feel.

This year Asgrauw will release there 4th full length album: IJsval

Vaal: Guitars & Vocals
Kaos: Bass & Vocals
Batr: Drums & Synths